Every match
1 Replace all matches of PAT in a file alternately with OBJ1 and OBJ2. 2001.02.16
2 Remove every group containing the specified member. 2010.09.20
Some Matches of PAT in a line.
1 Replace every space character with an underscore in the first 8 characters of a line (string). 2000.11.17
2 Replace every comma located between columns 10 thru 15 with a '#'. 2002.10.11
3 Replace every third comma in a string with a newline. 2001.01.15
4 Replace every 'B' in 1-byte-units with 'C', but retain those in 2-byte-units. 2001.09.26
5 Replace every leading space of a line with a dot('.'). 2003.11.16
6 Replace every 8-digit integer not preceded by 'abc' with 'ABCDEFGH'. 2003.11.20
7 Convert 'IP.port' to 'IP:port' in a file. 2004.02.09
Matches of PAT (not) escaped or inside quotes.
1 Replace every space character of every double-quoted string in a line with a dash('-'). 2000.11.15
2 Replace every comma NOT enclosed in a pair of double quotes with '|'. 2001.02.28
3 Replace every non-escaped '@' with '#'. 2005.07.20
4 Replace every comma neither escaped nor enclosed in a pair of double quotes with '#'. 2005.07.27
5 Remove members not beginning with PAT from lists. 2008.07.08
6 Replace every comma(',') in a double-quoted string with a dash('-'). 2008.07.25
1 Increase a non-negative integer by 1. 2004.05.03
1 Convert a sequence of one-byte codes into their corresponding actions. 2003.11.28
2 Replace every matched string with a sequence of dashes of the same length. 2008.01.17
3 Replace keys with associated values. 2008.02.22
4 Remove the directory part of every path. 2008.04.10
5 Find the shortest path to change directory from one to another. 2008.12.31
6 Find the word preceding `!!' and delete all instances of that word. 2009.07.23
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