Two adjacent fields are assumed to be separated by exactly one delimiter if not specified explicitly.
1 Delete (1)first three (2) last three fields of a line. 2001.09.06
2 Left-pad the third field with zeros to 7 characters. 2001.09.07
3 Left justify a field. 2004.09.17
4 Add delimiters to delimit trailing null fields. 2004.10.08
5 Print every field of a line, except the first, one per line, prepended with the first field. 2006.12.29
6 Remove unwanted items. 2009.07.14
7 Determine the maximum length of each field. 2010.10.08
8 Move every field from the second line to the end of the corresponding field of the first line. 2010.10.14
9 Align fields by inserting necessary TABs. 2010.11.02
Comma-separated Fields
1 Extract the N-th field from a comma-separated record. 2008.02.29
2 Extract the N-th field from a comma-separated record with escapes allowed. 2008.03.01
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