Based on a common field
1 Join all lines of the same tag to one line. 2004.08.27
2 Print consecutive lines with the same first fields. 2003.06.27
3 For consecutive lines with the same second fields,
print the first one and discard the others.
4 Print lines from a sorted file whose first fields match PAT. 2003.07.09
5 If a line does not begin with some keyword, then append it to the previous line. 2002.03.06
6 Combine records of the same key to one. 2009.10.05
7 For verses from the same book and the same chapter, blanking these information except the first one. 2009.10.09
1 Print one per line every member of a list, followed by the name of the list. 2007.11.01
2 Transform every multikey-record to equivalent single-key records, one record per line. 2008.01.25
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