Every Block of a File
1 Join all lines except the last one of a block to one line. 2008.05.01
2 Append a trailing line after each block. 2006.04.13
For Qualified Blocks Only
1 Print all 'unnamed' blocks. 2006.04.26
2 Get every block containing PAT. 2008.02.09
3 Get the N-th block of a file. 2009.08.26
4 Replace blocks containing PAT with specified texts. 2008.01.18
5 Prepend tag of every block to every line of that block. 2008.07.31
6 Insert a specific line into a block if it does not have one. 2007.01.09
7 Delete the N-th block of a file. 2009.08.26
8 Numbering mathematical formulas. 2007.03.02
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